Cooperation with our business is offered to shop owners as well as designers interested in the field of men’s fashion. Made-to-measure solution is available for distributors who are able to order tailor-made suits, casual jackets and trousers for their customers.

Made to measure


We offer two options on how to order these products. You can choose the way you wish the ordering is processed by using our MTM systems.

The first option is working with our ordering software where you would insert the order details yourself, starting with the customer name, through pattern and material. It is necessary to undergo a training related to placing orders using this system.

The second option is sending us a filled in ordering email form with the required sizing, pattern and the materials chosen.

We can brand these products with yours provided logos, etiquette etc. Both ordering options include the ability to choose your own materials or use material from our catalogue and which we currently hold in stock. The production takes 3 weeks, however if you are interested in trying out your suit, the production period might be extended.

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How we proceed


At our first informal meeting, we will get familiar with your brand and what your catalog offers. We will recommend you the ideal form of ordering.


You will receive training in made-to-measure. We will train you on how to measure properly, so your customers are satisfied and in addition to this, we will train you on ordering as well.


Based on your decision, you can either order using our MTM software or via e-mail form.


In line with our agreement, our products will be either shipped to you directly or you could pick them up in person at our manufactory.

Are you interested in our offer and would you like to establish cooperation?

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