How a tailor-made suit is sewn

Important difference between a regular ready-made suit and top-of-the-class tailor-made suit is the amount of details thanks to which the suit is worn more comfortably, looks better and last but least, more efficiently represents its owner. We assure you that Matteo Bernetti men’s suit is a top-class piece that encompasses Italian sense of elegance and upright Trencin tailor-craft.

Choosing the right fabric and suit type


The process of manufacturing a new suit starts with the most difficult task – fabric choice. We offer you a large variety of fabrics with different patterns, colors and styles made by renowned European textile producers, such as Scabal, Carnet, Marzotto, Reda, Barberis, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry and other. Do not worry if you get lost among them. We will help you make the best choice when choosing your fabric. Years of experience help us being efficient advisors when it comes to helping you choose the right material. However, the rule of thumb is that quality suit is made of natural materials. Which is why you are able to choose from fabrics made of soft wool, cashmere wool, mohair, silk, linen as well as lighter cotton fabrics.

The next step is the choice of suit type. Are you in need of classic suit, or are you looking for something modern, casual or extravagant? Do you want single-breasted or double-breasted suit? Choose your number of codpieces, buttons and shapes of pockets and lapel. It is important that your choice is suitable for your figure to further highlight your best shapes and hide the worse ones.

Afterwards, all your special requests are placed. Different button color, braided button hole with contrast thread or monogram makes your suit a truly unique part of your wardrobe. You can decide for a special pocket to keep your cell, business cards or glasses. We will gladly conform to your wishes.

The final step before cutting and sewing is sizing. Only few people have the figure to wear ready-made suits and thus after proper sizing and professional sewing process, you should be able to feel the difference once you dress up in your new suit.

Proper sizing might take between 10-30 minutes, do not get discouraged and hold on. We need to mark down more than 15 details of your figure and only thanks to that we can craft the perfect tailor-made suit.

Pattern and sewing process


We do not use premade patterns when crafting tailor-made suits. We only work with your sizing, thanks to which we design and create a unique pattern. Using this unique pattern, the tailor cuts the fabric into separate parts of the suit.

Separate parts are freely composed and prepared for the first try-out.

Try-out and suit handover


Half-tailored suit is ready for another try-out after 8-10 days already. Afterwards. We will invite you over or we will visit you in person and try the suit out.

It usually takes only one try-out when crafting a tailor-made suit, however if it’s necessary we will gladly arrange an additional meeting. The finalized suit is handed over after approximately 3 weeks. That is when you try out the suit for the last time to confirm its flawlessness.

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